Conversion kit for Toyota Sienna | VANPACKERS®

Designed for long journeys, optimized for short travel! This plug and play conversion kit for minivans offers you maximum comfort during your road trips. Thanks to its modular design, you will get tons of storage, a bed and living room and a ultra functional kitchen.
See below the details and become an expert road-tripper in a few minutes!

  • Features 

    Mattress : 70 x 48 x 3 inch (178 x 122 x 7,6 cm)
    Bed dimension (Lxl): 70 x 48 inch (178 x 122 cm)
    Move your front seat forward to gain up to 10po (25cm)
    Kitchen dimension (LxlxH):  48 x 19,5 x 26 po (122 x 49,5 x 66 cm)
    Material: UV Varnished Multiply birch wood, 15mm (⅝in)
    Weight (no equipment) : 220lbs (100kg) approx
    Warranty : 1 year against manufacturing defects

    Secured installation in 5 minutes
    Interior use as a single, double bed or as living room
    Modules are easy to move
    High density mattresses with washable covers
    Unobstructed rear view at all times
    Separation between the kitchen and the bedroom area
    Large storage volumes and functional kitchen without manipulation

    Some unique details:

    Opening of the hatches improved
    inside table with 3 positions & 1 outdoor base
    Dedicated space for a 5 lbs propane cylinder (can't be used in Toyota Sienna S4)
    Built-in sink for a larger worktop
    Perfect stacking for winter storage
    Locking system for opened drawers

    Included with the kit

    • The wooden structure
    • 3” mattresses and their washable covers
    • The 20L water tank and a retractable sink
    • A 2 burner propane stove
    • A 15” table leg and an exterior table support
    • Portable toilets are not supplied, nor distributed by Vanpackers
    • Equipments such as cutting boards, kitchen ustensils, storage basket, etc., are not supplied, nor distributed by Vanpackers

    Discover our conversion kit in the video of New Jersey Outdoor Adventures

    Available options

    Add some options to your purchase to upgrade your kit
    4 inches matress
    Compressor cooler 30 or 40 liters
    Martin MCS-250 stove
    Custom Weathertech curtains 
    Box for chemical toilet 10L

    • Sienna S3: The toilet will protrude approximately ½ po (1,5cm) on the top of the box under the mattress. Otherwise it will require a manual adjustment to the bottom of the box to stabilize the toilet.
    • Sienna S4: The toilet will protrude approximately ½ po (1,5cm) on the top of the box under the mattresses. The seat rails must be moved between the rear & the front module of the bed.
    And many more options

  • Compatible vehicules list

    PLEASE NOTE: This conversion kit for minivan is ONLY compatible with the vehicle models below.
    Please note the details of your vehicle in the box provided for this purpose.

    Compatible vehicles Details Year
    Toyota Sienna S3 7 or 8 seats 2011-2020
    Toyota Sienna S4 7 or 8 seats | Hybride 2021 +

    This kit is not compatible Toyota Sienna prior to 2011.

  • You want to see it in person in Montreal or do a virtual tour with the team? Pick-up your date and time!

  • Our production time could be up to 6 to 8 weeks during peak season (In addition to the shipping time). But we may have some ready to leave at our facilities. Contact us for more details about delivery time.

    You can pick up your kit for free from our warehouse in Montreal or choose to have it shipped to your home. We will contact you as soon as your kit is ready to schedule its delivery.

    If you are in an area that is not on this list, contact us at .

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