Roof rack Vanpackers X Rémora co. for Dodge Grand Caravan

Roof rack for Dodge Grand Caravan, designed in collaboration with Rémora co. . self-installation without drilling.*
Allows a much greater loading capacity than original roof bars. Essential to set up a roof top tent on your Dodge Grand Caravan!

  • Product description

    • 100% manufactured and designed in Quebec, all-aluminum manufacturing.
    • Self-contained and quick installation, no drilling required in the body
    • Designed for the use of rigid and flexible roof tents.
    • Modular design for the installation of solar panels, awnings, bicycle or kayak racks.
    • Fits perfectly to our TR-125, TS-140 or TS-160 models among others
    • Unique in North America
  • Compatibility : Dodge Grand Caravan 2011 + with its original roof bars.
    Maximum static weight tolerated : 250kg or 550lbs (distributed over the entire surface of the rack).
    Maximum dynamic weight tolerated : 85kg or 187lbs (distributed over the entire surface of the rack.
    Material : alluminium
    Warranty : Manufacturer's warranty. For more information see the sales policies

    Installation is an extra - not offered by Vanpackers
    Contact to get a list of approved installers.

  • This product is only available on demand : 4 to 5 weeks

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