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About Vanpackers'conversion kits

Production times for conversion kits can range from 1 to 6 weeks depending on the number of requests. To know the current production times, you can refer to "Order and payment methods" section in the conversion kits webpage or contact us.

  • Minivans kits and compact cargo vans kitq include :
    • The wooden structure
    • 3” mattresses and their washable covers
    • The 20L water tank and a retractable sink
    • A 2 burner propane stove
    • A 15” table leg and an exterior table support
    • Portable toilets are not supplied, nor distributed by Vanpackers
  • The Kitch'IN kit include :
    • The wooden structure
    • The 10L water tank and the retractable sink
    • A 2 burner propane stove
    • A 15” table leg and an exterior table support
    • Fixing straps not are supplied, nor distributed by Vanpackers
  • The Sleep'IN kit include :
    • The wooden structure
    • A custom storage bag
    • A retractable sink
    • A 15” table leg and an exterior table support
    • Fixing straps not are supplied, nor distributed by Vanpackers

You will find on each product page the list of items included with the kit, as well as a selection of options compatible with each kit.

Accessories such as coolers, curtains, portable power unit, etc. are available as options for additional costs. You can see all our accessories for sale in the “Equipment” section. .

Some equipment such as cutting boards, kitchen utensils, storage basket, portable toilet, etc. that you can see in our photos or in our videos are NOT included in the conversion kit, nor distributed by Vanpackers.

3” high density mattresses with washable covers are included with minivan conversion kits and comptact cargo vans kits .

For minivan conversion kit ONLY, you can choose to replace the 3” mattresses with 4” mattresses (additional fees apply).

Mattresses are NOT include with the Sleep'IN kit, but we offer optional 2” high density mattresses with washable covers (additional fees apply).

You can install a small portable chemical toilet in some of our conversion kits (additional fees apply):

  • Minivan conversion kits we offer the option to adapt one of the front boxes in order to install a portable toilet in the following minivan models:
    • Dodge Grand Caravan
    • Chrysler Town & Country
    • Chrysler Pacifica
    • Chrysler Grand Caravan (Chrysler Grand Voyager)
    • Toyota Sienna

    This option is NOT available for :

      • Honda Odyssey
      • Kia Carnival

  • Compact cargo van conversion kits :
    • You can put a small chemical toilet in the front compartments, without any modification.

PLEASE NOTE : we do NOT supply the toilet, but we can provide you with a list of compatible portable toilet models.

In the kit for Honda Odyssey, the volume of the front boxes is smaller than that of other models. This is due to the rails of the seats above which they are installed and implies that there is less space to install a small portable chemical toilet.
In the Honda Odyssey RL5 (2011-2017) it is possible to install a portable toilet but it will protrude a little from the box. We therefore recommend opting for 4-inch mattresses so as not to feel the slight difference in height. If you want to buy a kit for Honda RL5 (2011-2017) with toilet option, contact us at info@vanpackers.ca.< br /> However, if you want to buy a kit for Honda RL6 (2018+), it will not be possible to install a portable toilet in this kit.

  • Minivan conversion kits :
    Our minivan conversion kits are ONLY compatible with the models listed in the compatibility list on the product page.The year of production of the vehicle is also very important. For example, our minivan conversion kits will not fit in a Kia Sedona or pre-2008 Dodge Grand Caravan, even if the volume of these vehicles is the same as the one of the vehicles listed as compatible.
    CANNOT modify our kits to fit any other model than those shown.
  • Compact cargo vans conversion kits :
    Our compact cargo van kit is compatible with the models listed in the compatibility table on the product page.
    However, this kit is also compatible with flat bottom vehicles having 4 x 8 feet. Adding a wooden floor (4 x 8', not supplied by Vanpackers) in the bottom of your vehicle will allow the safe installation of your kit. Hardware can be provided upon request (additional fees apply).
  • Conversion kits for SUV (Kitch'IN kit and Sleep'IN kit) :
    The vehicles listed in the compatibility tables on the product page are the vehicles we have been able to test and approve the compatibility of our SUV’s kit. If your vehicle is not listed, contact us at info@vanpackers.com. We will evaluate the compatibility of our kits for your vehicle.

Our minivan kits are designed according to the floor of each vehicle model. This is why we only offer fittings for the vehicles listed on the conversion kit for minivan product page.

We don’t do custom van conversions.

No. We are specialized in “plug and play” conversion of small vehicles (minivan, compact cargo van, SUV’s). Only our kit for compact cargo vans could be compatible with other vehicle sizes as long as they have a flat 4’x8’ floor. Please contact us for more details

Our conversion kits are made up of modules that are attached to each other to ensure the stability of the entire structure. They cannot be sold separately.

The kitchen cannot be positioned inwards. We have chosen to position the kitchen towards the outside of the vehicle to avoid filling the vehicle cockpit with and keep it as safe as possible.
However, the minivans hatchback is surprisingly very efficient as a rain cover. You can also add a trunk cover to create a completely protected space under the hatchback.

With no equipment, our conversion kits weigh approximately:

We have designed our conversion kits in order to not weigh no more than approximately the weight of a passenger so as not to weigh down the vehicle unduly.

e recommend not to exceed the following total weight when using your kit:

By moving the front seats forward as far as possible, the sleeping area can be up to 6’3” (190cm) long.
As for height, we made sure to create a kit that strikes the perfect balance between comfort and storage. You will be able to sit in your minivan without problems.

The anchor holes present on the top of the modules allow the air to pass under the mattress. Also, when you move your mattresses to handle the kit (opening the boxes) that will help to air them.
Finally, we recommend that you ventilate your van when you sleep in it by leaving your windows slightly open to prevent too much condensation in the cockpit. If the night has been very humid, you can also turn the mattresses over when you put away your bed to help them air out.
None of our mattresses have experienced a trace of humidity since our beginnings.

No. Unfortunately, we are unable to buy back your used kit.

We sometimes sell the minivan conversion kits that are in our minivan rentals after one or two seasons of use. We announce these sales in our newsletters. If you are interested in a used kit, we recommend that you subscribe by clicking HERE.

If you receive a Vanpackers conversion kit at home, you will also receive a user guide to help you through the first installations. This video can also guide you through the installation (the english version can be found HERE)).

Our kits are designed to be installed and uninstalled quickly and intuitively. You won't have to make any changes to your vehicle to fit it out (except for removing the seats, if you wish).

Also, don't worry about the weight of each module : they are all light enough to be carried by one person. However, in the case of the minivans conversion kit and the Kitch'IN kit , we strongly recommend that you be assisted by a second person for the kitchen module, which is the heaviest.

About Vanpackers' rooftop tents

You absolutely must have a roof rack with transverse bars (which cross the roof from left to right) installed on your vehicle. These must be able to support the dynamic weight of the tent. You will find the information in the product sheet of the tent of your choice.
If you own a 2011 and newer Dodge Grand Caravan, be aware that the stock roof rack isn't strong enough to hold a roof tent. We've designed this roof rack with the company Rémora co.

When moving the tent on the roof of your vehicle, it is preferable to be between 2 and 4 people to facilitate assembly and disassembly. Once installed, a single person can open and close the rooftop tent without problem.

When buying a tent from Le Baroudeur - Vanpackers, we help you with the initial installation if you come to our Montreal warehouse. However, for insurance reasons, a disclaimer must be signed.

Although no exact instructions are provided, it is not recommended to exceed 160 kg (352lbs), evenly distributed in the tent.

Each tent includes a mattress that can stay inside when folded/closed. However, it is not recommended to leave anything else (bedding, pillow, etc.) in the roof tent when closing, as this could seriously damage it.

With the company Rémora co.we designed a solid aluminum roof rack, compatible with Dodge Grand Caravan only. This uses the original bar anchors to attach the rack to the roof, so you don't have to drill new holes. Click HERE to see the Rémora co. x Vanpackers roof rack.
Currently, this is the only roof rack we distribute.

No. We do not rent roof racks. You must come with your own roof rack to pick up or rent a rooftop tent from Le Baroudeur-Vanpackers.

We often suggest the Thule’s company buying guide to find out about the options available in terms of roof racks. Although they only offer their products, this can already give you a good idea to guide your research. You can access it by clicking HERE.

Yes. A mattress is always included with the rooftop tent. You can find the characteristics of the mattresses on the product page of each rooftop tent.
All our flexible rooftop tents also have an anti-condensation mattress (not needed in the rigid tent).


About shipping,returns and warranties

You can find all the information on delivery HERE including the shipping costs for minivan conversion kits and compact cargo van conversion kits. We work with multiple shipping companies to be able to offer you the best service possible, so shipping costs vary regularly. Contact us for an estimate of the current shipping costs for your order.

Our main premises are at 129 Van Horne Avenue, Montreal (QC), H2T 2J2. We also have a warehouse in Champlain, NY in the United States. Please contact us if you wish to pick up your products outside of Montreal.

No. Unfortunatly, we don't have any partner in Quebec area anymore.

Le Baroudeur - Vanpackers offers a twelve (12) month warranty on all its new conversion kits against manufacturing defects and defective parts, and six (6) months on all other products. Beyond this period, refer directly to the manufacturer of the product.
This warranty applies from the date of collection or shipment of the product. Find our conditions of sale HERE.

All returns and/or exchanges (excluding warranty application) must be made within 30 days of purchase.

You can cancel your order free of charge within 48 hours of your purchase on our online store AND if it has not been picked up and/or shipped. Otherwise, we keep a restocking fee:

  • In the event that a deposit has been paid (conversion kits), we will retain the entire deposit
  • In the event that an order has been fully paid, we retain 25% of the total amount of the order (taxes included). This condition applies to any order fully paid, whether it has been picked up/shipped or not.

In the case of a return:
To be eligible for a refund, your items must be in the same condition in which you received them. All shipping costs to return a product are the responsibility of the customer. Find our cancellation and return policies in detail HERE.


Delivery times vary depending on the period and destination. You can see an estimate of the delivery times for conversion kits in Canada by clicking HERE. For more details, contact us at info@vanpackers.com

Unfortunately, we do not offer rooftop tent delivery outside of Canada.

About payment methods

On our online store, you can pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Diner Club credit cards. You can also pay with Shop Pay, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

We also accept Interac payments for online purchases. All instructions will be given when choosing the method of payment. We must receive your transfer within 2 hours of your order to validate it. The EXACT amount of the invoice must be transferred. Interac payments are only valid in Canada. If not received in time, we will cancel your order.

For all orders paid in person at our premises in Montreal, we accept payment by debit card, Interac, credit card or cash (for orders under $1000).

For more details, you can consult our general conditions of sale HERE.

All orders must be fully paid to be validated.
However, it is possible to reserve a conversion kitby paying a deposit.
The balance will be charged on the day of pickup or before the order is shipped.
For more details, you can consult our general conditions of sale HERE.

Unfortunately, we do not yet have a financing program.

About visits and communication

We are a small team, and it can sometimes take us a few days to respond to all of our requests. One thing is certain, we do our best to respond as quickly as possible to the messages we receive.
Please note that our customer service answere to messages from Wednesday to Friday, 9a.m. - 5p.m. Thanks for your understanding ! :)

Our entire team is fluent in french and english, so have no fear!
Some of us also speak spanish, so don't hesitate to mention it if you are more comfortable in this language.

Our offices and customer service are open Wednesday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. You will certainly find someone to answer your questions by phone during these hours!
However, if you want to see our products, please make sure to book an appointment by clicking HERE so we can ensure that a member of our team is available to welcome you!

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