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Do you have questions about a Vanpackers product or service? Take a look at our FAQ, your answer might be there 🙂 If not, contact us with this form !

  • Purchase and payment

    What is included or not included when I buy a conversion kit?

    Please see each product’s page for specific inclusions or exclusions.
    Please note: Some equipment (cutting boards, utensils, storage baskets, portable toilets, etc.) are NOT included in the conversion kit, nor distributed by Vanpackers

    Are the mattresses included with conversion kits?

    Yes, 3’’ mattresses are included with the minivans and cargo van kit only.
    Our mattresses are currently not sold separately.

    Can I put a toilet in my conversion kit?

    Yes. A small portable toilet can be installed in the following kits:

    Find the list of compatible toilets on each product’s page.

    Is it possible to buy separate parts of the kit?

    Our conversion kits are made of different modules that are each attached to one another to ensure the stability of the entire structure. They cannot be sold separately.

    Do you sell or buy used conversion kits?

    At the end of the season, we can sometimes have some used conversion for sale. Stay updated by registering to our newsletter.
    We do not repurchase used conversion kits from individuals. .

    What are the available payment methods?

    It is possible to pay by credit card, debit card, E-Transfer or with cash. Refer to our sales policies for more details.

    Can I pay my order in several payments?

    We offer the possibility to pay a deposit first when purchasing a conversion kit. However, the remaining balance has to be paid before the kit is shipped or picked up. Refer to our sales policies for more details.

    Do you offer a financing program?

    We will soon offer a financing program. Contact us for more details.

  • Conversion kits compatibilities

    My vehicle is not featured on the minivan conversion kit compatibility list. Is there still a chance that the kit will fit my vehicle?

    Our minivan conversion kits are only compatible with the vehicles and years featured on the compatibility list of each product.
    For the Sleep’IN and Kitch’IN kits, the compatibility list of both kits are updated regularly. If your vehicle is not featured on the list, contact us!
    You can also book an appointment to test a kit into your vehicle.

    We do not make any custom kits or modifications.

    Do you make conversion kits for larger van models?

    No. We are specialized in “plug and play” conversion of small vehicles (minivan, compact cargo van and SUV’s). Only our kit for compact cargo vans could be compatible with other vehicle sizes, as long as they have a flat 4’x8’ floor.

    Is it possible to travel with 4 passengers when the kit is installed in my minivan?

    Yes, as long as your vehicle has the Stow n’ Go system (second and third row, Dodge or Chrysler).

    Must I remove the seats in my Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey or Kia Carnival?

    Yes. You have to remove the second row of seats in order to install the conversion kit. The third row of seats can either be removed or kept and stowed.

    Must I modify the inside structure of my vehicle before installing the kit?

    Not at all! That’s what makes the Vanpackers kit so simple (amongst other things😉).

  • Conversion kits dimensions

    What are the dimensions of the storage spaces in the minivan kit?

    The following dimensions (L x W x H) are based on the Dodge Grand Caravan and can differ in other vehicles.
    Front boxes (x2): 20 x 22 x 10 in (52 x 57 x 26 cm)
    Rear box (x1): 26 x 46 x 9.6 in (66 x 24.5 x 11 cm)
    Space for cooler: 19 x 24 x 17 in (47.1 x 61.5 x 44.4 cm)

    Refer to the product’s page of your vehicle for more details.

    What is the height of the Sleep’IN kit?

    The kitchen module is 11 inches (27.5 cm) high and is leveled with the bed structure.

    How much does the conversion kit weigh?

    Go to the conversion kit page for details.

    Is there a weight limit for the kit?

    We recommend not to exceed the following total weight when using your kit:

    I am a tall person. Will I be comfortable with the Vanpackers kit?

    Absolutely! By moving the front seats forward as far as possible, the sleeping area can be up to 6’3” (190cm) long.
    As for height, we made sure to create a kit that strikes the perfect balance between comfort and storage. You will be able to sit in your minivan without any problems.

    What material is used to build the kit?

    All our conversion kits are made of 5/8'' multi-layered birch wood, offering both strength and lightness.

  • How to use the conversion kits

    What differentiates the Vanpackers kit from other companies’ kits?

    Amongst many things, the solidity and the easiness of everyday use. We invite you to read blog post to learn more.

    Is it possible to move the kitchen in order to be able to cook from inside the vehicle when it’s raining?

    No. We chose to design the kitchen towards the outside in order to save as much space as possible on the inside. Also, the minivan tailgate is surprisingly effective as a protection from rain😉

    Can I have a single bed with my conversion kit?

    All our conversion kits (except the Kitch’IN) can be used in single or double bed mode, as you wish! You can watch this video for a little demonstration.

    How does the kit hold in place while I’m driving?

    The minivan conversion kit uses the different anchor points of the vehicle’s floor in order to secure itself. Regarding the Sleep’IN and Kitch’IN kits, they can be secured using straps.

    I want to use a 5 lbs propane tank with my kit. How do I set it up underneath the kitchen?

    Always put the propane tank in the storage space before putting the kitchen unit on top.

    Even though the storage space is featured on every model of the minivan conversion kit, the following vehicles will require a manual adjustment: Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna and Kia Carnival.

    It is important to follow those two rules:
    1) Having a long enough flexible propane hose compatible with the tank.
    2) Remember to close off the propane tank and remove the propane hose after each use.

  • Taking care of my conversion kit

    How do I store my kit during winter?

    Refer to your instructions manual to know the best way to store your kit.

    Can I wash the mattresses’ covers?

    The covers can be washed in the machine (regular cycle), but they can not be dried in the dryer.

    I would like to revarnish my kit, what is the best product to use?

    You can use any non-toxic water based varnish for exterior furniture. Follow the instructions of each product.

  • Delivery and return

    What is the production time for a conversion kit?

    The production time of a conversion kit may vary depending on the model. To find out the current turnaround times, you can refer to the “Delivery” section on each product’s page.

    What is the delivery time for a conversion kit?

    Delivery times vary depending on the period and destination. Click 👉HERE👈 for more details.

    Do you ship outside Quebec, Canada?

    Yes, we ship anywhere in Canada and in the United States, directly to your door. Click 👉HERE👈 for more details.

    How can I calculate the shipping cost?

    You can find all the information on delivery👉HERE👈 .

    Do you have multiple locations in North America?

    Our main office is at 129 Van Horne Avenue, Montreal (QC), H2T 2J2, Canada.

    What is the warranty of a product?

    Vanpackers offers a twelve (12) month warranty on all of its new conversion kits against manufacturing defects and defective parts, and six (6) months on all other products, starting on the date of pick up or shipment of the product. Refer to our sales policies 👉HERE👈.

    I would like to receive my conversion kit at home. Will I be able to install it alone?

    You can cancel your order free of charge within 48 hours of your purchase from our online store, ONLY if it has not been collected and/or shipped. Find our cancellation and return policies 👉HERE👈.

    I would like to receive my conversion kit at home. Will I be able to install it by myself?

    Sure! An instruction manual will be sent to you with your kit. This video can also guide you through the installation.

    I received extra pieces with my kit, what are they?

    Refer to your instructions manual to make sure you used every piece correctly.
    If you still have extra pieces, then they are extra legs in case you change your vehicle. If you bought the toilet adaptation, the extra pieces can also be the standard top and bottom of the front box (in case you want to remove the toilet adaptation). If you need help, feel free to contact us and send us pictures of your extra pieces 😉

  • Contact and visit

    I sent you a message a few days ago, but didn't get a response. Is this normal?

    We are a small team and it can sometimes take us a few days to respond to all of our requests. Thank you for understanding🙂

    I do not speak French. Will we still be able to communicate?

    Our entire team is fluent in French and English, so have no fear! Some of us also speak Spanish, so don't hesitate to mention it if you are more comfortable in this language.

    What are your opening hours?

    Our hours vary according to the seasons. Please refer to the information at the bottom of the page for current opening hours.
    If you would like to visit us in order to see a product in person, please make an appointment by clicking 👉HERE👈 so that we can ensure that a member of our team is available to welcome you! 😉

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